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Slightly Flawed Anthos Bowl: Four

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Please read full description.

This beautiful piece has one ‘birthmark’ and is discount accordingly.

‘Anthos’ is Greek for flower or petal. As their name suggests, Anthos Vessels were inspired by the folding and unfolding contours of leafy petals.

Please note, there is a small crack on the inside of the bowl. This hairline crack does not go all the way through the wall, does not affect the structure/strength of the piece, and is not very visible given all of the texture and movement of this leafy form. 

Please do review the image of the flaw carefully. Flawed pieces are sold as is. They are not refundable or exchangeable. This sale is final.

This piece to be approx. 12-13 inches wide. 

While not necessarily intended for use, this vessel is water tight despite the small flaw. 

All Illyria Pottery is lead free.

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