Slightly Flawed Small Raku Tree Bowl: Five

£155.00 £170.00

Please read full description!

Bring nature indoors. Each "Tree Bowl" begins as a wheel-thrown form. I then sketch a unique tree silhouette on the outside and carve away the negative space around the branches and trunks.

This handmade, pottery bowl has been raku fired. This ancient process for finishing ceramics dates back millennia. It’s notable for the amazing variety of colour that it produces.

Please view the image of the flaws carefully! Pieces discounted because of a flaw cannot be returned or refunded. They are sold as is! No exchanges. This sale is final.

This piece is discounted only because there is a tiny crack in the lip. This occurred while the glaze was still molten, therefore, the glaze has filled in the hairline crack. While it’s still faintly visible, it is actually sealed. It is probably not even more fragile than it would have been. 

Please note, each side of a raku pieces is different. These wonderful variations are intrinsic to this firing method. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

Please see image with ruler for general dimensions. 

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