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Preorder for Linda Extra Large Metallic Blue/Black Bowl Mug


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A preordered collection of 6 Bowl Mugs.

Please note, all handmade pieces are unique. The collection will be similar to what’s pictured.

I threw this massive mug on the pottery wheel, and attached a smooth, shapely handle once it was partially dried. I've finished it with a metallic blue/black glaze. 

This is a very large mug which is ideal for hot chocolate, soup, chili, or an excessive amount of coffee. 

Please note that each mug is a tiny bit different. Just the way handmade things should be. 

The body of each measures approximately 13cm (about 5.5 inches) wide and about 9cm (roughly 3.5 inches) high. 

While we recommend hand washing as the safest method of cleaning, this piece is dishwasher (and microwave) safe.

All Illyria Pottery is lead free.

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