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Essential Oil Burner: Metallic Black


A more blue/black glossy oil burner. The first image is the actual colour…this last kiln firing gave more blue to the finish. A wonderfully rich surface. 

A good essential oil burner is hard to find. So we've been told.

I created this piece on the pottery wheel and cut away sections once the clay was half hardened to allow candle light to shine through.

The piece stands approximately 13.5 cm (about 5.25 inches) tall and is about 7.5 cm (about 3 inches) wide. This listing is for one burner (candle holder section and oil/water reservoir).

Sometimes these pieces are a little more glossy than what is pictured. These images are representative. Each piece is a just a bit different...the way handmade things should be. 

All Illyria Pottery is lead free.

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