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Miscellany Box for Purchase Outside the UK: Flawed Pottery: PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING!


This listing is for one collection of flawed pottery. 

This particular box is for purchase outside the UK. If you are within the UK, please search for ‘Miscellany Box For Domestic UK Purchase.’
These items are heavily discounted because there is something wrong with each. It is possible that an unflawed pot is in your box, but that shouldn’t be expected. 
Less-that-perfect items are being sold as collections (rather than individually) because it is simply too laborious to take photos of, edit, measure, describe, upload, etc. these particular pieces which are so deeply discounted. 
The artist had chosen a varied selection of approximately 3-6 items that are unique and discounted at different rates depending on each piece’s imperfection. 
You may receive, for example, a combination of the following sorts of things...a white jug with a blue spot on the side, a lovely mug that has a split lip and is the perfect home for a succulent, a slightly wonky soap dish that doesn’t sit fully flat, a vase with a crack in the base. It might not hold water, but it will look wonderful on the mantle and can certainly hold dried flowers. Maybe you’d receive a bowl or tray that has a rough patch on the surface or a crack along the rim. All these things will not be in one box, but this provides an example of the sorts of things that could be included. 
Contents vary widely, but we’ve worked hard to include generally equal value of contents in each. 
Please note shipping prices have been included in the cost of each collection and make up part of the total price. 
Pieces from Miscellany Boxes cannot be returned, exchanged, refunded, or swapped! They are strictly sold ‘as is’ and ‘sight unseen.’ All sales of Miscellany Boxes is final!
Only purchase if you’re up for a pottery surprise, ready to think of creative uses, love the idea of imperfect objects not going to waste, and are looking for an amazing steal!
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