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Slightly Flawed Raku Bowl in Shimmering Copper Reds and Rose Gold: Five

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One handmade, raku bowl. This piece is slightly flawed please read the full description before purchasing. 

There are a few small flecks of clay that have been sealed into the colourful finish of this stunning bowl. They are disgusted by the beautiful rainbows of rose gold that surround them.  

Pieces discounted because of a flaw cannot be returned or refunded. They are sold as is! No exchanges. This sale is final.

Raku is an ancient process for finishing ceramics that dates back millennia. After I made this bowl on the pottery wheel and bisque fired it, I glazed the surface and placed it in a special outdoor kiln to be heated. Once the pot was glowing hot and the glaze molten, I lifted the lid off the kiln!

The colour of raku pots is highly dependent upon on how quickly they’re put into a bin full of combustible material. The hot pots immediately ignite their surroundings. If the pieces are placed in the bin and the lid is put on quickly, the pots will receive less air. This tends to create a reduction atmosphere resulting in reds, pinks, and oranges. If they go in a few seconds slower, receiving more air, the colour range will tend more toward blues, yellows, and greens.

Raku is notable for the amazing variety of colour that it produces. Please note, each side of a raku piece is different. These wonderful variations are intrinsic to this firing method, and no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Because of the somewhat crackled nature of the finish, raku pots may not be completely water tight. This bowl is for decorative use only and is not intended for use with food.

Please see image with ruler for sizing. 

Pottery is lead free.

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