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Butter Domes/Cheese Domes/Butter Keepers

Cheese and Butter Dome - Black/White


A beautiful way to serve butter or cheese.

For counter storage and serving.

Please note, these images are representative. Each batch that comes out of the kiln is slightly different. They may vary ever so slightly in how glossy/matte they are.

I create each dome and plate on the pottery wheel. After throwing and trimming the shape, I coat each with a layer of black slip. Once the pot is bisque fired, I freely pour semi-matte, white glaze over the dark surface. Each one is unique...just the way handmade things should be.

The plate is approx. 17 cm (6.5 inches) wide. The total set height is about 15.5 (5.5 inches) high. Interior of the dome is about 15cm (5 inches) wide. Please note, each piece is slightly different in size. Measurements are approximate. 

The butter keeper wears a food-safe, black and white finish.

While we recommend hand washing as the safest method of cleaning, this piece is dishwasher (and microwave) safe.

All Illyria Pottery is lead free.

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