Rice Bowl in textured Metallic Black


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Wheel-thrown rice (or noodle) bowl for any Asian food enthusiast.

I've carved out a little home for the wooden chopsticks to live.

Please note, the exact colour/type of wood of the chopsticks may vary.

The vessel is about 14cm wide by 9cm high (about 3.5 in. high by 5.5 in. wide).

As the pot spun on the potters wheel, I pressed a wooden tool into the outside of the soft clay and pulled it upward. This motion was distributed around the spinning pot and gives the appearance of a gentle spiral.

While dishwashing is a possibility, hand-washing is recommended as the safest option. If you do choose to use the dishwasher, simply leave enough space around this piece so that other items don't clink against it in the cycle.

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